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Borazo use PHP, WordPress (Woocommerce), Joomla, Magento and all other platforms for your needs. We will train and give you all the tools in order to run your site and increase revenue.


Borazo offers professional website design services from designing websites from scratch or help changing current designs. We use Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw and many more Web Design tools in order to keep you up to date with the current market trends.


If you already have a website and need a 24/7 watch dog for any issue, We provide a full time services, no matter which platform or technology you use. We will monitor your site and take care of all your needs.


SEO is a technique which helps to improve the visibility of Website or Web page in organic search engines results. It is very important to have the most clean code for your website in order to have Google, Bing or any other search engine to read it.


Mobile rules. If you have an idea or want to transform your current website to a cool app with Android or IOS. We can assist you, and build a top notch app all the way to the app store. We use all the latest technology out there.


We build top notch E-commerce build on the best platforms. Providing the code, design, marketing like SEO, SMO, Ad words and more. Even if you need products we can connect you to the right places. We can help you run and teach your team how to run E-commerce from top to bottom using the best technology.